About Us

3iT focuses on three specific areas, namely Infrastructure, Integration and Innovation, which form the cornerstone of our commitment to providing businesses with fit-for-purpose solutions to achieve the best possible IT outputs.


When it comes to IT infrastructure expenditure, have you ever asked yourself “What technology should I use?”, “What will fit my organisation?” or “How much should I be paying?”. Extensive resources and expert guidance allows 3iT to bring together a cost-effective, flexible and manageable IT Infrastructure borne out of the needs of your business. In this way, we are able to build a foundation from which you can advance your capabilities and meet objectives through effective IT solutions.


In the modern office, systems are not always designed to work together and different suppliers may not be aware of the specific needs that a client may have. 3iT do not only supply equipment – we go one step further by assessing current infrastructure and planning for an optimal solution. In so doing, we seamlessly integrate technologies to give your business the advantage of a converged infrastructure that will allow you to solve business challenges, enhance business operations and create opportunities to drive performance.


In the ever-changing technology sphere, tried-and-tested products are crucial to ensuring solutions works the way they are supposed to. 3iT has developed strong relationships with leading brands, gaining access to the latest technologies that bridge the gap between your business needs and what is available in the market. Every product offered is vetted by 3iT before implementation, giving the assurance that you are receiving the best solution possible.

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